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The terms "passionate" and "gourmet" have been bandied around and applied recently to virtually everything and anything. Yet, there are no two better words to describe the people we have met in our travels around the world, and the food that they produce.

From single estate Spanish olive oil to cocoa beans nurtured in the mountains of Colombia to spices blended in Provence, each taste experience opens a new world of flavour and a new culinary adventure. These are products, which are never compromised to satisfy the demands of the mass market. They take time to produce and are worthy of our stopping to take time to enjoy.

Started over 30 years ago, Dove Tale Collections continues to seek out the very best available products in every gourmet category from all corners of the world. New opportunities await with the change of each season and we delight in being able to share our excitement and our knowledge with our customers. Dove Tale Collections’ philosophy on food has always been to consider our products from three different perspectives:  from the Earth that lends such special ingredients and flavour, from the people and stories that lend uniqueness and character, and of course, from presentation, aroma and palate, accessing the special senses that allow us to experience and enjoy the differences of truly good food.
In order to properly understand the dedication and enthusiasm of our producers, we feel it is very important to visit each of our suppliers to see first hand their products that are such an important source of their pride and passion.  The food industry is truly incredible in that only through slower processes, the element of human touch and the protection of the environment do we receive a superior product that through flavour, communicates the care and vision of the farmers, bakers, roasters, millers, berry pickers, tea growers and beyond whose life’s’ work is dedicated to their special products.

If you are a producer of artisan or gourmet foods and would like to inquire about distribution by Dove Tale Collections click here: Distribution Inquiries